Jan 31, 2010

We don't give up dreaming...

When i close my eyes i am back to the "office" in Santorini, where we spent 5 wonderful days in September, photographing the wedding of Νικος and Χαρα!
The "office" was outdoors, had a temperature of some 26 * Celcius and a nice breeze, was near the swimming pool and had a magnificent view over the caldera. There was even a service for coffees and drinks...

Then i open the eyes again and look outside the window. The office this time is indoors because it is 21 * Celsius under zero.
The sweeds looove it! I have no idea how many words there are in the swedish language about the different kinds of snow and its noice when one is walking on it. Soon it is time for a week of winter holidays all over the country, so that the people will enjoy the winter sport activities.

I think i shall continue dreaming ...

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