Nov 29, 2009

Waiting for the Nobel Laureates of 2009.

On Friday we met the pleasent people from the Nobel Foundation to get through the schedule of the activities that the Nobel Laureates of 2009 will be attending during their visit in Stockholm, between the 7th and the 13th of December.
It's an intense week with photographing at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Kungliga Vetenskaps Akademien - KVA), the Nordiska Museet, the Cityhall (Stadshuset), the Nobel museum, the Stockholms University and at the Nobel Foundation.
But this week is also one of the most interesting and spectacular to photograph of the whole year, and we are so much looking forward to it!

The picture above is from the banquet in 2008. Some more pictures from the same night can be seen here.
All the photos are shown with the kind permition of the Nobel Foundation. If you need pictures from the Nobel week, please contact the Foundation.

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A bishop gets retired.

Some weeks ago, the 29th of October, we attended a special and very emotional ceremony at the Storkyrkan in Stockholm.
It was the ceremony where the bishop of Stockholms stift Caroline Krook left her official position as bishop.
The church was full of people who came to witness the ceremony, and to thank and wish good-buy to the leaving Caroline.
Part of the ceremony was leaving the bishop's crosier and cope, as a sign that the position was free now for the new bishop, who had already been elected, and who would be ordained a week later In Upsalla.
After the end of the ceremony there was a really long queue of all those that wanted to say personally a few words to Caroline Krook.

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Nov 3, 2009

Published on the first page of "Metro".

We are sooo excited!!!

The whole day today we have been receiving numerous emails, telephone calls, SMSs and messages at facebook from friends, customers and "our" wedding couples, about the article at Metro concerning our work as wedding photographers.
We are thrilled, we thank you all so much and we feel rather strange seeing ourselves on the photos.

Well, a photo at the first page of the newspaper plus the whole first page and the following page of the extra supplement dedicated on photography, is not something happening to us everyday! And considering that the newspaper is read by milions of people everyday (both the paper 4 editions and the internet edition in the whole country) feels us with joy!

A special thank you to the happy newly wedd couple, Helena and Niklas, that gave us their permition for these pictures to be published. We are sure you have a great honeymoon in Thailand right now! And you don't have to worry for a wedding announcement at a newspaper anymore! :-)

By Georgios.

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