Jan 19, 2010

some photos to catch up ...

We have not blogged for some time now, and the trouth is that we have been a little lazy due to the holidays but that we spent much more time with our children than the cameras and the computer.
But here come some photos from some of the jobs we have done during the last weeks.

The priminister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt, came to the Stockholm University, to talk about enviromental issues. Unfortunately, his tight schedule did not permit a planned interviue with portrait photos, but it was a joy anyway to photograph him while adressing the audience, as you can see at the following contact-sheet.

The Swedish Fiscal Policy Council needed some photos for their homepage, from their meeting to discuss and comment the 2010 Budget Bill of the Swedish Gouverment (I was almost three hours with them but i can not brag that i understood that much with all that economy terminology!) :-)

The Stockholm University was visited by the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Tobias Krantz, who spent half a day there. He was photographed in front of Aula Magna during the 3-4 minutes that were booked in his schedule for that.

In Aula Magna was also Paul Crutzen photographed, during his visit to the University. As a Nobel prize winner in chemistry in 1995, this was not the first time to visit the place. His signature is part of the decoration of the wall near the entrance of Aula Magna.

Eva Brunne is the new bishop in Stockholms Stift, and on the 10th of January was at the Storkyrka for the cosecration of the new priests. That was the first time since she became the new bishop.

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