Oct 29, 2009

International conferens in Catalyst Chemistry.

In the middle of September the chemisrty Nobel Laureate in 2005 Robert Grubbs, professor in the California Institute of Technology, visited Stockholm and participated at the International Conferens of Catalyst Chemsisrty, which was held at Aula Magna, in Stockholms Univeristy.

The professor really kept the interest of the audience with his presentation, talked about the "green" catalysts, and made the audience laugh several times with his humor, especially when he mentioned the bath products from Victoria's Secrets line and "her logo" "think pink, live green"!

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Oct 26, 2009

Published soon in the whole Sweden.

Yesterday we had the pleasure to photograph the wedding of Helena and Niklas, who got married at Stefankyrkan in Stockholm.
The weather was not the best with some raindropps coming all the time and the temperature just a few degrees Celsius above zero, but the light and especially the autumn colours were magical!
It felt a little strange though during the session because there were another photographer and a reporter from a swedish daily magasine there, that were making an article about us, thus we were also being photographed! :-)
I swear, it is much easier to stand behind the camera than in front of it!
We are back soon with photos from the newlly-wedds plus the article of the magasine. Stay tuned ... :-
(in the picture above the happy couple with the magazine's photographer in action)

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Oct 14, 2009

Stockholm's University 2009 doctoral awards in Stadshuset.

In the end of September it was time for the yearly ceremony of Stockholms University to award the new doktors in a magnificent ceremony in Stadshuset, in Stockholm.

During the ceremony the "pedagogiska priset" was also awarded.

After the ceremony at the "blå hallen" the dinner was offered at the "gyllene salen".

The serving of the desert was as always spectacular and after the dinner followed dance until early in the morning.

If you wish to see some photos from the same ceremony from previous years click here and here.

You can visit the galleries with ALL the pictures from this year's ceremony by clicking here.

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Oct 11, 2009

Ο Νίκος κι η Χαρά στη Σαντορίνη!

In the middle of September we left Stockholm with near 0 degrees and arrived in Santorini.
At 8.30 in the evening and with 22 degrees C, the wedding couple with the bestman and one more friend were at the airport to welcome us and take us out for dinner, before they droveus to the hotel.
3 hours and lots of seafood and other greek delicasies later, we arrived at the hotel, left our things there and followed the couple for a drink at a club, where their friends were waiting. We left them at the bar and went to sleep at ... 06.30 in the morning!!!

That was a taste of what would follow the next days!

The couple with their closest friends had booked rooms at a wonderful hotel at Imerovigli, just a few meters away from the church where they would have the wedding ceremony.
The view from their hotel and the terace where everybody was gothering for a coffee was simply breathtaking.

The bride started getting ready for the ceremony at 3 pm with her closest friends. It was a change from the weddings we usually photograph to see so many of the bride's family members just coming in and out her room, huging and wishing, and being photographed with her!

On the meantime, the bridegroom with his friends did not look any stressed at all, just chilling out with a few drinks near the hotel's swimming pool!

Both the bride and the bridegroom were escorted to the church by their families and relatives ... with the bride almost dragging her father from anxiety to meet her love and come in the church!

After the ceremony and just before entering the venue where the reception party would be held, i asked the couple what was the schedule of the happenings there.
Nikos said they would cut the cake first and then they would go around the gests' tables to skoal with each one of them. Then they would sit down and take it easy for the rest of the night to get some rest.
"Won't you dance any?", i asked them rather surprised. "The first dance is always the bride's by tradition!"
"No, no!" they both anwered at once, "let the older dance! We shall take it easy!"

Well, he, he, yes the older did dance, but i don't think the couple got any rest either! :-)

By the way, the teenager who played greek traditional music from the islands with his violin was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Because of shortage of time we did not have the time for some photos of the couple with the bestman and the bridesmaid at the wedding day.
But we had plenty of time the day after! :-)
So out we were again, with everybody in the nice clothes (except me, it was some 30 degrees C). We also had the friends as our audience following us everywhere, plus dosens of turists who thought it was a photo session for some fashion magasine and of course stopped by to take their own pictures! :-)

Chara and Niko, our warmest congratulations and wishes for your life together! And many thanks because you were the reason for a wonderful time in a wonderful island!
Many thanks also to Jannis (the bestman), Giwta (the super happy bridesmaid), Niki, Ariadni (most beloved!), Aggelos and Paulina and everybody else, who welcomed us and made us feel as if we new you for years!
We love you all! :-)

And now klick on the slideshow below to see even more photos.
If the speed of your internet connection allows it klick here to see it in full HD quality (or choose another quality that suits your connection better).

Και τώρα δείτε ακόμα πιο πολλές φωτογραφίες στο slideshow που ακολουθεί.
Αν η ταχύτητα σύνδεσης σας στο ιντερνετ το επιτρέπει, πατήστε εδώ για full HD ανάλυση (ή για να διαλέξετε άλλη ανάλυση που σας ταιριάζει περισσότερο )

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