Jan 24, 2010

Isihia - Silence

"Isihia" (= Ησυχία ) is the greek name for "silence".

I have travelled many times to the monastic community of the Holly Mount Athos, in Greece, where silence is very much appreciated by the monks who live there. It helps them concentrate on the spiritual world, on praying, on God. It helps them avoiding the distractions of the materialistc world.

Isihia (Bulgarian: Исихия, "hesychia") are a Bulgarian music band founded in 2000, the style of which unites elements of Bulgarian folklore and Hesychast Christian chant of the 14th century to create an atmosphere of Balkan spiritual mysticism (copied from Wikipedia).

Well, guess our surprise when we were contacted by the production company of the new album of the group, who were interested to buy the right to use 3 of our pictures from Athos for worldwide use for the new cd of the group.
The negotations are going on with the lawyers of the company and on the meantime we have the chance to listen to samples of the group's music at their homepage. They can also be found at facebook, as well as in the iTunes Store.

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