Jun 29, 2009

Helena and Mark

Today i met Helena and Mark for the first time. They are gonna get married soon so we spent some time drinking coffee, talking and planning about photography during their big day, and in the end we also took a walk and photographed a little.
Their first comment was that they did not know how to stand and what to do in front of the camera, and that it has not been often at all for them to pose for a photographer
(exactly the same words that almost every couple say when we first meet)!
We photographed for almost 10 minutes and during this time it felt like they were transformed into experienced models. Their photos talk themselves... :-)
Thanks Helena and Mark for your trust! I am so really looking forward to being with you all day at your wedding day!
Helena, i was really flattered to know that you had made your mind and chosen us allready since January, when we met in Grand Hotel!
I was also flattered to know about the other name that colleague photographers use for me; "greken"! :-))

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