Jul 7, 2009

Just some teasers....

Helena saw Isabella's photosession in our blog a month ago, and thought of giving a surprise present to her man-to-be by making an own session herself.
When i asked her how was that that she took this decision, she answered that she is generally too shy infront of the camera and her pictures don't use to become so nice. Her man saw a similar session and by wanting to tease her he wished that she could stand in front of a camera and be photographed for similar photos ...
It was then that she thought of making him be taken aback, when he would receive these photos in a nice album, as a present the morning after their wedding day. Of course she had to choose through some 400 pictures and these showed here, were just the beginning of our session.

The rest of the photos are "for his eyes only"!

(Helena became so happy with her pictures that she happily gave us permition to show in the blog some of them. F is looking at his album several times a day! :-) )

tags: morgongåva, secret box, boudoir, "for your eyes only"

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