Nov 12, 2007

My pilgrim journey to the Holly Mountain Athos, in Greece.

   That was the 10th time i visited the monastic community in Greece and as always it was a great experience.

   I visited the monastery of Filotheou where my friend brother Gabriel was waiting for me.

  As soon as i arrived with some other visitors, we where wellcomed by the arhontaris with the traditional loukoumi and tsipouro (some kind of jelly sweet and raki).

The weather was not particularly good but the autumn colours where just stunning.

The next morning, after the service, we headed to the monastery of Karakalou, some half an hour walking through the forest.

There i met another friend, brother Arsenios, who kindly showed me the monastery.

We went to the cellars where they still keep a huge barell from the 16th century, where they used to store the wine that the monastery produced.
It is so big that the height of the ceiling was not enough and they where forced to dig in the floor so that a part of the barell would be in the ground...

Leaving the monastery on our way back to Filotheou, we came across the fields where the monastery grows its olive trees. 
It was the harvesting time. 
It's the monks themselves who still collect the olives in the traditional way.

If you wish to learn more about the monastic community in Athos, visit the link;

If you wish to see more of my pictures from previous travels to Athos (to different monasteries as well) please visit the link;

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