Nov 20, 2007

Emma and Martin.

When i left Stockholm to go to Lidö, near Norrtälje, in the early August, i got almost depressed.

I had met Emma a couple of times, long before their wedding day, and i had heard her talking so enthousiastically about the planned wedding ceremony near the water!

When i left Stockholm that morning it was raining. The more i drove (from the approximately 100 km) the darker it became. In the middle of the way it was so heavily pouring water that i could hardly drive with 50 km/h in the highway and visibility was just a few meters in front of me...

But when i got just a few kilometers away from the harbour to take the boat to Lidö, it was as if somebody drew the black curtain away. Wonderful summer weather with people sitting by the water, enjoying the sunshine and eating icecream.

I met the couple and their guests on the island. 

It was a beautiful, relaxed feeling all the time, from the preparations of the bride with help of her friends, during the ceremony, and even afterwards. 
Exactly as Emma had told me at our first meeting, long before the wedding; "we shall not have extremes, everything will be very laid-back".

(somebody was not fast enough to congratulate the just-married couple!)

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