Oct 31, 2007

Our visit to the "kingdom of glass".

This week has been the autumn school holidays s we took the chanse to take our 4 and 6 years old children and travel to the famous glass factories in the central Sweden, at an area also called "the kingdom of glass".

If the name tells nothing to you then the names "Costa-Boda" and "Orrefors" will certenly make you understand.

We visited the area where they blow glass as well as the exhibition areas.

The most beautifull was the musuem with pieces of art through the whole history of the factory. 

As breathtaking was also the exhibition of the art pieces that the artists who cooparate with the factory have produced. 
Very beautifull and reeeally expensive! 
We where forced though to visit the exhibition its one of us alone, while the other was keeping the children outside! They only wanted to run and jump anywhere they were, after so many hours of sitting at the back seat of the car...

If you are also fancinated by glass art, please visit our photogallery with pictures of an international exhibition that took place at the "Stenige Slott" in Sweden, when it celebrated its 300 years old anniversary.

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