Oct 30, 2007

Ulrika and Magnus.

It was a very nice ceremony and the couple just shined from hapiness and love!

But nothing could beat the reception!
The list for the people who wished to keep a speach was endless.
It was very touchy to hear them talking about the couple but also
 the jokes and the teasing from the couple's  friends (as well as from the parents) kept everybody laughing.

When the bride left the room for a while, all the girls rushed to get a last kiss from the bridgroom. Among them some of his friends too,who wanted to tease him! 

When the bridegroom left the room some time later, the same thing happened with the bride and all the guys attending the reception. And when everybody had "stolen" a kiss, they started all over again for a second one, tills the bridegroom would come back!

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