Aug 31, 2009

New Zealand "met" Sweden in England!

It was at the Reading Festival, outside London, that Mark and Helena met, before they moved to Stockholm together.
When i met them first time, some months ahead from the wedding day, there were still one and other thing to be prepared or planned for the big day. One thing though was already decided and agreed by both from the very beginning; the wedding ceremony would take place in the nature and not in some building. Both of them love nature and there they would change their vows. It came as no surprise thus that, moments before Helena would meet Mark for the wedding ceremony, she stopped and took her shoes off; to feel the grass, to come closer to the nature, to get from its energy...
Helena and Mark, thank you for letting me share your happiness that day!
Now, I can imagine the two of you looking at your pictures while enjoying a pina colada at your hotel! :-)

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