Apr 19, 2009

What some imagination and good taste can do...

While going through some thousands of pictures from a last year's wedding, i stopped at this photograph

Every time i look at it i get as much amazed as when i first show it, the evening after Fatima and Salim's wedding!

It was so hard to believe that this dreamy place was actually one of these tents

ps: this tent was there for the guests and especially for the closest relatives (which were a couple of hundreds) to meet and be with each other during the 4 days of the festivities. 
Most of them had come from other countries like England, the States, Canada and Dubai, and they were really enjoying to be reunited with relatives, that they probably had not have the chance to meet as often otherwise).
The reception was actually held elsewhere and it took the whole third day of the four that we were with the wed couple!

And here is a photo of how it looked like on the floor! Since the tent was at the garden, i guess that the carpets where lying on the grass, probably above plastic sheets.

(many more pictures in our blog are coming soon )

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