Apr 10, 2009

We have been photographed for once!

John Michael Cooper is a worldfamous photographer, very capable and inspirational, a little crazy and certainly with unique ideas (by the way he was the one who started the craze about "Trash The Dress"!).
There have been many photographers that have whined about they photograph everybody else but they don't have photos of themselves because noone ever photographs them.
Well, John was the one who started doing something about it with his famous "pay it forward" project.
He offered to photograph another photographer's family and instead of getting paid for his work, the other photographer (whose family was photographed) should pay it forward by photographing a third photographer's family, and so on.
Last May was John in Sweden for two seminars. It was then that he photographed Jenny Blad who in her turn photographed Linda.
Well guess what; last week we were photographed by Linda!!! And now we have finally beautifull pictures of the whole family together for the first time!!!
Guess if we are happy and thankful! Now it's our turn to pay forward!

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Isabella Apr 12, 2009, 11:18:00 PM  

Den svartvita bilden på killarna är underbar! Vad kul för er att få stå framför kameran för en gångs skull :)

Glad Påsk!

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