Jan 12, 2009

New baby in the house!

Well, not exactly as it sounds but kind off ... !!!

We have finally, after a lot of "but" and "we see" decided that it's time to add the top "reportage" camera model of Nikon, the D3!

The cameras enorm capability to keep top quality on the images it delivers, even in really dark enviroments, its full format sensor that allows pictures that cover wider angles, plus the possibility to load the photos takenn in two separate cards, right the moment that a photo is taken (thus having instantly a back-up for events that can be repeated), are the 3 major reasons for having it in our camera bag!

I had the chance to use it first time last July, at the DN-Gala, and since then i have just been thinking of it!
New opportunities for beautiful pictures!!! :-)

(for those who would like to have a more thorough look at the camera, a presentation can be seen here)

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