Jan 4, 2009

Being lazy!

It has been almost a week without the sress of the work, the pictures that have to be delivered ... yesterday (!) and the not ending hours in front of the computer working on Photoshop!
It's almost too good to be true! :-)

Instead it has been many hours with the family and friends and as many hours in front of the computer just surfing for the fun of it (especially the early morning hours)!

Today we thought of putting some order in the computer.
We double checked that all the important files with photos are secured copied at 2 external harddisks and then i finally installed a new harddisk in our Mac Pro and copied in it (one more time) the previous harddisk with all its continents.

Such a luxury with 5 Gbs RAM and 1000 Gbs free space in the harddisk, ready for the New Years pictures!!! :-))

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