Oct 29, 2008

Stockholm University 2008 doctoral awards in stadshuset.

It was some weeks ago when the Stockholms university awarded its doctoral degrees for the year 2008 in the magnificent enviroment of the Stadshuset (the City Hall).

The ceremony took place in the Blå hallen.

It started at 5 pm and it was the University's principal who adressed the new doctors as well as the rest of the University's guests (here you can read his speach in swedish). 

The first who went up the stairs were the 27  new professors, inaugurated by the principal.

Then it was time for 153 new doctors to receive their diploma in accordance with a wreath or a hat (depending on the institution).

One of the honorary new doctors (latin doctor "honoris causa") was Peter Wallenberg.

During the ceremony we had the chance to listen to a new version of "Mamma Mia", sung by the chorus, in honor of Benny Andersson (from the ABBA) wo was also named honorary doctor this evening.

He showed really moved by it, taking away a couple of tears from is eyes and clapping his hands standing up after the end of the song.

The dinner afterwards was offered at the Gyllene Sal.

After the dinner lots of the new doctors came with their friends and family members to be photographed at our portable studio.

Among them Maria and Göran, whom i had the pleasure to photograph their wedding a couple of years ago! :-)

It's so beautiful to see all the people in their best mood and in really nice clothes enjoying the evening. I like it especiallly to see swedish in national costumes or people from other nationalities in their traditional local costumes.  

At the studio we are also visited by representatives of the student union, who also attent the ceremony.

The evening continued as usual with dance and music untill 1 am!

If you would like to see the photos of this evening follow this link.

If you would like to see a video of the ceremony follow that link.

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