Oct 17, 2008

Congratulations for the new job, Mia!

Today is the first day at Mia's new job as a photography teacher!

During the summer she got the question from Ådalskolan in Kramfors and she was more than glad to accept. So from now on, for the hole 2008-2009 school year she is going to travel every Thursday from Stockholm to Kramfors (a distance of approximately 500 km) to be with her students, and then come back on Saturday.

That's a part time job and during the rest of the week she will continue working as a photographer, the way she has done for so many years.

I have to admit that i feel a little jealous, not only for the job itself (new photographers, the feeling of offering knowledge, fresh ideas, the new colleagues and working enviroment...) but also for the travelling! 
It feels so luxurious to have 4-5 hours in the train just for yourself, to read a book or to do something that you like, without stress!

Well done Mia! Congratulations and have a nice new school year! :-)

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