Sep 2, 2008

Mica and Johan

Next week Mica and Johan are going to get married on a little island of the swedish archipelago.

I met them on Sunday afternoon in front of the Cityhall of Stockholm to plan a little about their "big day", to enjoy the late, warm light of the sun and to take a few pictures of them.

It's always nice to meet the couples before their wedding day and to photograph them!
Everybody is so relaxed, it makes the photography session of the wedding day so much easier, and it gives the opportunity to the couple themselves to see in advance  how they look like on the photos, what flatters them and what they should avoid, and how nice they actually can be on the photos!

And when the couple get this kind of confidence, they are even more relaxed and happy during the wedding photography!
And their photos look even better!!!  :-))

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