Sep 2, 2008

Greek classical beauty in Gotland!

Elisabeth is Greek from her father and Swedish from her mother. I was not surprised when i met her, to see that this had been a ... lethal combination! :-)

I was not surprised either when i met Andreas, the handsome lucky guy!

Some years ago we had photographed the wedding of Elisabeth's sister, Magdalena with her Ted. Well, obviously they liked our (their) photos and recomended us to Elisabeth and Andreas.

Andreas' roots are from Gotland and it was an obvious choise for them to have their wedding there!

We photographed at Ljugarn, a dramatic landscape with sculptured rocks by the seaside, and the wedding ceremony took place at the Lye church.

Now that Elisabeth and Magdalena are married, there are 1 more syster and 2 brothers left, waiting for their turn!
We are also ... waiting! :-) :-)

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