Jun 15, 2008

A really warm weekend ...

Carina and Hasse got married a really warm Friday, when lots of Stockholmers were out at the parks and near the water, to enjoy the sun!

Unfortunately the small bridge at Haga Park was fullcovered by them but this did not stop us from taking there some photos of the couple anyway, exactly as we had planned some weeks before, when the weather was not so good and the place was empty!
The sunbathers was a nice background actually! :-))

Noone of the sunbathers said a word as being iritaded or annoyed (swedish people are famous for their politeness). But noone wished to the couple either, just trying to ignore the whole thing that was happening in front of them (you know, intruding their "private zone"), which means that they DID were annoyed! :-)
Well, we bothered them for only five minutes and then we left them in peace and quite! :-)

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