Jun 13, 2008

Katta and Daniel

Katta and Daniel got married at Markims church in Vallentuna some weeks ago.

They met just outside the church for the first time at their wedding day, and they just couldn't have enough looking at each other in their wedding costume and dress.

The rings were carried by their daughter who gave them to her parents when it was the time for the priest to bless them.

... and this is how it feels after a kiss from the most beloved! ...

After the ceremony a most beautiful Chrysler Windsor was waiting for the couple to carry them to the reception.
The driver (and happy owner), Rune Öström, was dressed in an authentic costume from the -50s, the same era as the car!

(Rune can be contacted at rune.ostrom@telia.com or at 070-624 7114)

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