Apr 18, 2010


I had just come back from C's photo session and wrote a line about it on our wall at facebook when i got the response from Therese, who wished to have a similar session for her beloved.
During the messages we changed to find a theme and an available day for both of us, Therese named two things that stuck in my mind.
The first was "... jag litar på dig ...", ("i trust you"), which made me feel extremely flattered but at the same time raised the bar of the quality of the photos even more...
When i came to her home for the session i got a little surprise; her boyfriend was also there but he was not "allowed" to come close while photographing. When i asked her "...wasn't it suposed to be a surprise present to him?" she answered "i know, but i can not keep secrets from him!". So sweet!
Well, here shows one photo only because the rest will be shown in a couple of months.
Therese looks gorgeous, which reminds me of the second thing she mentioned during the facebook-messages: "jag är dock inte så fotogenique..." (" i am not so photogenic").

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