Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valentine Day!

This post could also have "the power of love" as a title!

Angelii is a very brave young lady!

Her love has just gotten a new job many hundred km away, in Norway. He is leaving in two days and he will be staying away for a few weeks every month. Angelii thought of being photographed, to prepare a small album that he will take with him while away. The album would be given this morning...

Angelii chose to be photographed in a sensual and rather intimate way near the water. Well, literally ON the water. We photographed outdoors, on the frosen surface of a lake, in minus 6 degrees Celcius.
The session took almost an hour and while she was posing there almost naked, she kept on saying to me " keep on photographing, it's ok! " every time (kind of every other minute) i asked her if she would like to take a break and get some warm clothes on.

Although she has aproved for her photos to be published by us, we chose to use her portrait. The rest of the images are "for his eyes only".

Happy Valentine Day to you and your beloved, Angelii, and happy Valentine Day to all our friends and visitors of our blog!

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