Sep 14, 2009

Anya and Erik

Anya and Erik came to Stockholm just a couple of days before their wedding day, thus i had the chance to meet them for the first time just the day before the wedding.
It was actually just Anya that i met (Erik had some other last-minute detail to take care of) and i was a litlle worried about the portraits of the couple. I use to always meet the couples some days before their wedding and photograph them so that it feels more comfortable for them on the actual wedding day. But Anya and Erik live permanently in Moscow and we could not have met earlier...
Well, the day could not have gone better! Both of them so relaxed, happy and photogenic! Needless to mention about being in love with each other!
The ceremony and the reception were held at the beuatiful Cedergrenska Tornet in Stockholm and the portraits of the couple were taken during a walk at the surounding area.
The couple's guests were, as expected mostly from Sweden and Russia. Many of their friends though had travelled to Sweden from countries like Latvia, South Africa, Swaziland, Brazil, Venezuella, Australia, Portugal and the States!
During the reception russian and swedish vodka flowed, raising the party mood. The couple had even imported the best-selling "Parliament" vodka from Russia, especially for the occasion!
Anya and Erik, congratulations once again for your wedding, and many thanks for your trust on us for your wedding photos!

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