Mar 7, 2009

"Darwin is back home!"

2009 is the year that Charles Darwin "becomes" 200 years old and Darwinism 150 years old.

It's this year that Stockholm University is celebrating also for finding and bringing back to its library Darwins bok "The descent of Man and selection in relation to sex".
The book is from the first published edition, has Darwins autograph in it and had been stolen and away from the university's library for many decades.

Until it was seen as an item for sale in an auktion's list and recognised by the university's stamp...

Right now the book has come back "home" and it is secure in "the holly room" where just a few have access, a great number of other very rare books are also collected and eveything is preserved under controlled conditions of light, temperature and humidity. 

To see the photos larger click on them.
To read more and see a film about the book click here.

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Isabella Mar 16, 2009, 9:56:00 AM  

Oj, vad häftigt att få se och känna på de där böckerna. Härligt att de har kommit tillbaks till sitt "hem".

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