Feb 7, 2009

Beautiful photos!

Some time ago i was contacted by this young lady to photograph her wedding. She was also interested in a session to give a photo album as a morgongåva to her husband, the morning after their wedding day. We met at their home (as the bride-to-be wished) and photographed one evening.

Yesterday we received an email by the now married lady where, except from thanking us for the nice pictures from the wedding day, she also mentions "... (brudgummen) blev alldeles rörd av bilderna han fick i morgongåva. Han sa att han känner sig enormt hedrad över att få så vackra bilder! ..." (transl: "...the bridegroom was totally touched from the photos that he got as a present. He said he felt extremely honoured by receiving such beautiful pictures!")

It's this kind of emails that really make our day! :-)

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