Dec 23, 2008

"Big fat greek wedding!" ...

In the end of November Kiki got married with Giorgos in Thessaloniki.

Giorgos' friends were there to "help" him with shaving and getting dressed, according to the customs. They also took the chance to torture him a little, "paying him back" this way for the way they were treated in the past by Giorgos, when they themselves had gotten married!

In Greece the relatives do not through rice to the couple after the end of the ceremony but during the ceremony, while the couple is "dansing" the "danse of Isaiah"!
(it's much more fun this way! :-)  )

After the ceremony the couple held the reception at Diavata.

When the dancing and partying started it was the bride that, according to the tradition leaded the dance, with the bridegroom and the bestman following and then the rest of the closest relatives!

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