Aug 15, 2008

Destination Gotland !!!

It feels sooo good!

Today i am traveling to Gotland to meet Elisabeth and Andreas! 

The weather is beautiful, it is warm and sunny, i have a friend as company and assistance at the session tommorow and the mood is at it's best.

This evening we are invited at the BBQ party that the couple is offering to its guests. Tommorow is the wedding and on Sunday  is sightseeing in Visby and eventually a "Trash the Dress" session (if the couple has the courage after the party with the guests the night before)!

To be honest i feel a little guilty having this sort "holiday" because i have not blogged for a while and it is so much work waiting... 
4 beautiful couples that got married the last weeks, the huge wedding material from the indian wedding, a really clashy wedding at the Hallwylska Museum following with a reception at Grand Hotel, a "Trash the Dress" and a "morgongåva"/boudoir session.

Pheeeww! I need vacation!!!

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