Jul 23, 2008

Yelena Isinbayeva!

Who Yelena is does not need to be explained for anyone interested in classic athletism and especially the women's pole vault.

I had the chance to meet her two years ago in Stadion, Stockholm, where she participated and, of course won.
I was amazed by how polite and humble she is! Always smiling and always replying "of course!" to all the demanding reporters and photographers who flock around her asking for her attention.

I met her again at Stadion, after she had just won (again!), on her way to the changing room.
She was stopped lots of times for pictures, interviews and autographs and she did not mind at all to come back from the corridor leading to the dressing rooms, when i called her and asked if i might photograph her!
"of course, of course!" she smiled and asked what she should do.

I photographed her hands, still dirty after her efforts to jump higher than 5 meters.

Being the only woman in the world who has ever jumped higher than 5 meters, and having broken the world record 21 times, it feels that she is going for a new record at the Olympics in Beijing next month!

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