Apr 21, 2008

Five days festivities for Indian wedding!!!

Yesterday i had the pleasure to meet Fatima and Salim in Stockholm.

Fatima was born and lives in Stockholm while Salim was born and lives in England. Both of them have roots in India and their wedding is going to be according to the Indian traditions, here in Stockholm.

Well, the traditions are many and that's why the wedding will take five whole days, this summer, with one day dedicated just to the reception!

I met Salim for the first time yesterday while in a short visit in Sweden. We spent only some minutes for taking pictures (it was really cold after the sunset) but that was quite enough to see how much they love eachother and how easy going and happy persons they both are!

I am really looking forward to their wedding days (as much as they are)! :-)

Keep an eye on this page, it's gonna be full coverage of this fabulous wedding!

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