Mar 30, 2008

My personal exhibition at "Stockholms läns" museum!

A couple of weeks ago i was contacted by the producer of the museum who, after the recommendations by the diocese of Stockholm, asked me for pictures of the bishop.
I looked at our arkives and finally we chose a whole body picture where she is dressed in the ecclesiastic clothes, that was printed in actual size and, with the permition of the bishop, the face was removed. The project has as a purpose that the visitors will be able to stay behind the picture and place their own faces where the pictures' face is missing, so that they will be able to have a glimpse of how they would look like as bishops themselves!!!

Well one of my pictures is printed in almost 2 x 0,5 meters and is exhibited for the public in the museum.

Then i suppose i shall not be lieing if i add in my CV "personal exhibition at Stockholms Läns museum" ! ;-))

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