Sep 20, 2007

We are back!

Well, it has been more than a month we have not written a word in our blog!

The reason is partly too much work and mainly a logickort from our computer that stopped working.
It took more than two weeks for the service to inform us what the problem was. Finally we decided to invest in a new one and untill that would be delivered we took a week of holidays in Spain!

Now we shall try to keep our blog informed of what we are doing and whom are we photographing for, while simultaneously we shall try to write a little more and show pictures of what happened during this last month; our visiting to 6 cities in Spain (and driving around 1600 km from Madrid to Costa del Sol and back to Madrid), a boudoir photo-session, 10 weddings, the Stockholm University 2007 doctoral awards and appointments ceremony in Stadshuset, the ceremony for the new priests (prästvigning) of the diocese of Stockholm in Storkyrkan, the kick-off of the Rollingby gymnasium in Åkersberga and more photosessions for other customers.

So now we are back!
Keep an eye on August and September's contributions. We shall put new ones all the time.

Your comments are also very wellcome!

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