Aug 9, 2007

The best "payment"...

Today i came back to Stockholm from a 3-day trip to Göteborg with the family, just to find 2 very special messages waiting for us.

Both of them had to do with two different weddings we photographed some weeks ago.

The first was en email from the United States, sent by the father of the bride.
The second was a card from the couple themselves.

Here are the texts of the two messages:

"Hello, Georgios and Mia!
... Catherine and I are starting to view the first group of your photos sent to us by Joanna and Manne. They are fantastic! I think you have a great talent to capture not only the subjects but also the people around the subjects, to really give a true feel of the moment.
It was a pleasure to witness your work and, it is a thrill to view the fruits of your labor. Thank you for helping to make the magical day last forever. ...
All the best! / David "


" Kära Georgios!
Tusen tack för alla otroligt fina bilderna i samband med vårat bröllop.
Du har varit en helt fantastisk fotograf, otroligt professionell och otroligt flexibel!! :-)
... Önskar er fortsatt lycka till.
med vänliga hälsningar!
R och O-H "

It's this kind of messages that make us to be so much in love with our job!

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