Jul 5, 2007

Our travel photos from Istanbul, in "Vagabond" 4/2007

Finally we got to see our pictures from our trip to Konstantinoupolis (Istanbul for all those who can not speak greek!), in Turkey, in the swedish travel magasine "Vagabond"!

To be honest, we had already an idea of how it would look like, when the art direktor of the magasine sent us a pdf file with the article, a coupe of months ago. But it's a different feeling when one can see the photos printed on the glossy paper of one of the biggest travel magasines in Sweden!

Even more interesting was to see once more, which pictures the art direktor had chosen from the dosens we had sent to the magasine. Especially the first one that covered 2 whole pages of the 8 that the whole article covered.

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